Bridging the Gap between Local Businesses and Foreign Market.

InfoCity is a successful Phuket-based company that was established in 2010 in Pattaya with the goal of facilitating communication between the local business community and the emerging Russian market. Over the years, the company has grown into an efficient and flexible enterprise that offers a wide range of services to local businesses, including sales, marketing, consulting, and information solutions at reasonable costs and with constant success.

One of the company’s first significant accomplishments is the establishment of the glossy magazine Thailand, which is published in Russian and has been the most popular media outlet in Pattaya for seven years. Since then, the magazine has expanded its reach to Phuket and has become an essential resource for Russian-speaking buyers looking to invest in Thailand’s real estate market.

In addition to publishing the magazine, InfoCity gathers a team of skilled professionals from media, sales, marketing, and real estate to ensure that communication with Russian-speaking buyers is easy, professional, and convenient. The company’s Phuket division, which was established in 2015, is mostly focused on the real estate market.

One of the company’s most notable successes in Phuket was the Oceanstone Condominium, project, for which InfoCity provided turn-key sales and marketing solutions. Thanks to the company’s efforts, 70% of the units were sold within a year, with most of the buyers being high-income Russian speakers.

In 2016, InfoCity made a foray into the rental market with the establishment of the Comfort Living @ Asia brand that was created to be a gateway between a wide range of local businesses from one side, and tourists and expats from another, providing all the services that visitors and expats need for a comfortable stay in Phuket, from property services to business and legal consulting.

Whether you’re looking to buy, sell, rent or manage a property, we have the expertise to help you make the most informed and financially sound decision. We also provide business and legal consulting, and can help you establish yourself as a local businessman with all the benefits that locals enjoy.

InfoCity is always open to cooperation and is committed to making life in Thailand convenient and comfortable for all its clients. Whether you are a local business looking to expand your reach into the Russian market or a Russian speaker looking for investment opportunities in Thailand, InfoCity is here to help you achieve your goals.