Our Approach

Rum Marketing

Infocity, a Pattaya-based marketing outfit, has harnessed the gonzo journalism ethos of Hunter S. Thompson to infuse the industry with a bold and chaotic energy. Established in 2010, the firm rocketed to success by providing Thai businesses with sales, marketing, consulting, and information solutions aimed at the rising tide of Russian tourists.

Comprised of media mavens, sales sultans, marketing masterminds, and real estate virtuosos, the Infocity team deftly communicates with Russian-speaking clients with efficiency and professionalism. With the publication of their slick Russian magazine, “Thailand,” Infocity cemented their status as Pattaya’s top media outlet, later expanding to Phuket real estate market. The Oceanstone Condominium is a shining example of their success, with 70% of units snapped up by Russian high-income buyers in record time – from March to August. In 2016, Infocity took on the rental market with “Comfort Living @ Asia,” offering premium digs to the upper-middle-class.

Infocity’s marketing approach is a maverick’s game, tossing aside industry norms and forging a path all their own. The diverse crew of rebels at Infocity bring their unique perspectives and experiences to the table, allowing them to constantly push the boundaries of what’s possible in marketing and create memorable, effective campaigns. Whether through guerrilla tactics or thought-provoking social media, Infocity generates a constant buzz and leaves their clients grinning from ear to ear. In a world of cookie-cutter advertising, Infocity’s approach is a welcome change, embracing the weird and wonderful and shaking up the scene.

In short, Infocity Thailand is a marketing firm that lives and breathes the gonzo spirit, daring to challenge the status quo and delivering results for their clients.